100% Natural Acne Treatment

100% Natural Acne Treatment

Sometimes your face needs only a natural acne treatment! no creams, no gels and no pills! Here we reveal a unique acne treatment which you can do at home.

Of course acne gels are always a safe and good treatment, however there is more! We are here to reveal the acne treatment which helped to get rid of acne and to control acne. Both on the neck, shoulders as well as face – and of course the last one is the most important as there are no clothes hiding your face.

What is causing Acne?

Did you ever think what is causing acne? Of course you did… Is it the chocolate I eat? Shouldn’t I eat that delicious nutella in the morning? Should I eat oats? Yogurt or no yogurt? more salad instead of Mc Donalds? Of course food has an influence on acne, both so does stress!

Facial Massage as Acne Treatment

However what we discovered has the biggest impact on acne, is actually massage. As massage stimulates the blood flow and natural cleaning process of your body and as you know natural treatment is always the best. So… don’t use soap, max 2x per week and buy a massage shower and then give your face every day a massage of 5 minutes. For the rest don’t touch your face with your hands, drink a lot of water and don’t stress and you will see the difference.

We were shocked to hear so many people with acne never tried this. Especially when you use these super easy natural methods to get rid of acne in combinations with a topical vitamin A cream like Accutane, Retin-A or Benzac.

Of course next to a shower massage, you can also use your clean hands to massage your face with olive oil before the massage shower for double effect or even go to a professional face massage. Massages do miracles for many things! You can even try a foot massage, which can have a huge impact on your general wellbeing including acne.